AIS Application Specific Messages

Collection of regional applications for AIS Application Specific Messages of regional applications for AIS Binary Messages

IALA has agreed to maintain a collection of regional applications for the AIS Application Specific Messages that are in use. The intent is to provide an overview to all interested parties of what currently exists. In this way, IALA Members and other National Aids-to-Navigation Authorities can make use of existing applications and avoid developing new applications with only minor /  marginal differences. The initial collection will be performed as a two-step process:

  1. Registrants (i.e. Maritime Administrations) are requested to complete a Submission through the website (
  2. In support of IALA, the Submissions are being collected and published on the website (

Maritime Administrations or their suppliers can apply for an account at the website ( whom credentials will be checked for the (level of) access.

Note: This collection is not an endorsement of any message, and is not an authority for any DAC/FI combinations