The Committee work is organised according to 3 Technical Domains, as follows:

Technical Domain 1 - Operations
Work item examples:

  • VTS operations, service standards, and performance measures
  • Inter-VTS operations, interactions with allied and other services
  • VTS communications
  • Monitoring and evaluating developments in VTS and potential impacts on the recognised framework for VTS
Technical Domain 2 - Technology
Work item examples:
  • VTS systems technology, sensors, presentation
  • VTS equipment standards and performance requirements
  • Inter-VTS data exchange
  • Data populating for S-100
Technical Domain 3 - VTS training
Work item examples:
  • Qualification, training, and certification of VTS personnel
  • Accreditation and approval process for VTS training
  • Human factors
  • VTS training for navigating officers
  • Support to the WWA