ENG (Aids to Navigation Engineering and Sustainability)

The Committee work is organised according to 4 Technical Domains, as follows.

Technical domain No. 1 - Light and vision physics
Work item examples:

  • Visual perception
  • Conspicuity and the effectiveness of visual signalling
  • Background lighting effects and mitigation
  • Colours in visual signalling
  • Range and performance of visual AtoN
Technical domain No. 2 - AtoN design and maintenance
Work item examples:
  • Buoy and beacon engineering and performance, including power systems, harmonising and interfacing of equipment and systems, and remote monitoring and control
  • Maintenance strategy and techniques
  • Extreme environment AtoN engineering
  • Safety of personnel
  • Data populating for S-100

Technical domain No. 3 - Global capacity building and training
Work item examples:

  • Standards for training and certification of AtoN personnel
  • Support for the WWA, including developing and coordinating model courses for AtoN and e-Navigation
Technical domain No. 4 - Civil engineering and environment
Work item examples:
  • Maintenance of AtoN structures
  • Protection of the maritime environment
  • Supervision of the Heritage Forum