ARM (Aids to Navigation Requirements and Management)

The Committee work is organised according to 4 Technical Domains, as follows.

Technical domain No. 1 - Requirements for AtoN Systems
Work item examples:

  • Requirements for the use of Maritime Buoyage Scheme and other AtoN  including AIS , radar, etc. for marking,  natural  or man-made hazards, giving position information and safe routes to protect safety of life and the environment, including:-
    • Traffic signals, Leading lights and marks, Wreck marking, AtoN for special craft, Use of AIS and Radar AtoN,
  • Use of Virtual AtoN
  • Data populating for S-100
Technical domain No. 2 - Management of AtoN Services
Work item examples:
  • Levels of Service and Record keeping
  • Availability and reliability criteria
  • Quality Management of AtoN Services
  • Contracting
  • Management for environmental protection

Technical domain No. 3 - Marine Spatial Planning
Work item examples:

  • AtoN and VTS in Marine Spatial Planning
  • Design of AtoN systems for channels and restricted waterways
  • Use of simulation
  • Risk management and risk analysis tools - use, and legal aspects
Technical domain No. 4 - International coordination and liaison
Work item examples:
  • Monitor the work by all Committees on interaction with IMO and other IGOs
  • Co-ordinate the revision of IALA products to suit international instruments and national legislation.