Image for Francis Zachariae

Francis Zachariae


Strategy and Technical Operations

Image for Marie-Hélène Grillet

Marie-Hélène Grillet

Technical Operations Manager

Image for Michael Card

Michael Card

Deputy Secretary-General

Image for Wim van der Heijden

Wim van der Heijden

Committee Secretary VTS & ARM

Image for Seamus Doyle

Seamus Doyle

Committee Secretary ENAV & ENG

Image for Cho Young-Hun

Cho Young-Hun

Technical Officer and Seconded Officer

Image for Mahdi Al-Mosawi

Mahdi Al-Mosawi

Technical Officer and Seconded Officer

Finance and Administration

Image for Christine Philip

Christine Philip

Finance and Administration Manager

Image for Lorraine Mbong

Lorraine Mbong

Membership and Finance Officer

Image for Virginia Butler

Virginia Butler

Executive Assistant

Image for Audrey Guinault

Audrey Guinault

Administrative Assistant

Image for Aline De Bievre

Aline De Bievre

IALA Consultant

Image for Christophe Laglenne

Christophe Laglenne

General Duties

World-Wide Academy

Image for Jean-Charles Leclair

Jean-Charles Leclair


Image for Stephen Bennett

Stephen Bennett

Vice Dean

Image for Jacques Manchard

Jacques Manchard

Senior Adviser

Image for Gerardine Delanoye

Gerardine Delanoye

Programme Manager