Reports and presentations

It was clear from the first day of coming together that our success would not be determined by our capability alone but more importantly by what we stood for as one company. To this end I am delighted at the way our people came together, created and embraced what is core to us and our new way forward, which in the first instance has underpinned an efficient and well managed integration process.

In order to forge a sense of togetherness it was necessary to establish “What We Stand For”. Out of this process we identified a series of commitments that everyone in the business can relate to and embody – live for the challenge, smarter together, never give up and have each other’s backs. It has been pleasing for the Board to see that these
commitments have been embraced at all levels of the Group and applied not just operationally but also throughout   the integration process.


The process of bringing together two ASX listed groups is not without its challenges. The SRG Global team has embraced these challenges and has largely completed what is, from  both a corporate and operational perspective, a complex process. With integration activities now substantially complete, SRG Global is well positioned to capitalise on the combined and integrated offering to the market, and further build on the numerous examples of early success in this area since the merger.


With our combined capability and expertise, the team has seamlessly integrated two businesses whilst ensuring impeccable delivery of service  to our customers was maintained. Our conviction that the market wanted service providers to have an integrated offering has been validated by the projects we have been able to, and
continue to, deliver.


The past 12 months has presented SRG Global with a variety of business challenges however the continued focus has been on building a strong foundation from which SRG Global can deliver solid returns to shareholders. Importantly, the team’s resilience during difficult times has ensured it has delivered on initial expectations through maintaining a disciplined and targeted approach to the right project opportunities. Most notably it has been able to secure a number of substantial term revenue contracts and also establish new business units to target potentially lucrative emerging markets.


A safe business is a good business and we continue to strive towards our goal of Zero Harm. It is pleasing to note that even through a period of significant change SRG Global’s safety performance has improved.