Welcome to IALA's Heritage pages. 

The purpose of this area is to provide one location within the IALA website for access to documents and other information relating to Heritage, Conservation and Civil Engineering matters as part of the working group programme of the Engineering, Environment and Preservation of Historic Lighthouses (EEP) Committee.  

This area will make this information available to a wider audience and will also encourage the international exchange of information on matters relating to the heritage of historic lighthouses.  Many items of work within the scope of the working group are ongoing and would benefit from members of IALA and other interested parties contributing to some of these items, including:

  • History of Floating Aids;
  • Preserved Lighthouse Tenders and Lightvessels; and
  • Building Conditioning of Historic Lighthouses.

One of the major drivers for the working group is the provision of guidance to IALA members on heritage matters.  In order to do this, it is essential to involve a broad selection of members to achieve its work programme.  As well as its members, contributions from Cultural or Heritage organisations and other interest parties, add immeasurable value to the the long term future of the world’s historic lighthouses.  This is evidenced by the outstanding success of the Working Group's workshops and seminars.

Through this website page members and non-members can avail themselves of information relevant to Heritage, Conservation, ad Civil engineering matters pertaining to the Preservation of Historic Lighthouses.  In turn, the group encourages participation, either through representation of a member of the working group or for interested parties to contribute by submitting information to the working group, participating at future seminars or by registering an interest with the working group chairperson at contact@iala-aism.org

It is also anticipated that this area may provide a focal point to establish a worldwide network for historic lighthouse projects and lighthouse museums.  Representatives are again invited to contact the working group chairperson via contact@iala-aism.org as a first step in a possible future exchange of information with similar projects.

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