Construction Majors

Earning a construction bachelor’s degree can prepare you for roles in construction management or construction engineering. Learn about classes offered in these programs and possible job titles.

How Can I Become a Home Contractor?

Home contractors and construction managers supervise every part of the construction process. Read on to learn more about the education, training, and experience necessary to become a home contractor.

Master’s Degrees in Building Science

Building science is a specialized architectural field analyzing and designing human-built structures. Learn about master degree requirements, course topics, program prerequisites and professional licensing.

Online Associate Degrees in Construction

Review your online 2-year degree options in construction management and construction technology. Find out how to pick the right school, how online and hybrid programs work and what coursework is required. Also check out the voluntary…

Online Building Science Degree Programs

Although there are no degree programs available online at this time, on-campus degree programs in building science are available. Get information about classes and degree levels offered along with career opportunities.

Online Construction Certificates and Degrees

Read about your online degree options related to the construction field, which include both undergraduate and graduate programs in fields like construction management and construction technology. Explore the coursework for two of the most common…

Online Construction Safety Degree Programs

No online degree programs are available specifically in construction safety. However, you can earn an undergraduate or graduate degree in the related field of occupational safety and health through online study. Learn more about the available…

What are Some Popular Careers in the Construction Field?

Get the facts about some popular construction careers, including common job duties, training requirements and professional certification. Learn about potential salaries, the job outlook and typical work environments for these occupations.

What are Some Popular General Construction Classes?

General construction classes may teach basic practices in construction, as well as safety methods and the use of technology in the field. Read on for more details on popular general construction classes.