Workshop on shore based maritime services from theory to practical use

Workshop on shore based maritime services from theory to practical use

Global Maritime Services Ltd (GMS) provides risk and cost reduction services for the high-value maritime and offshore domains. Our main focus is to develop services that improve safety and efficiency for navigation and offshore operations across the global maritime industry.

Data fusion and distribution for decision making

The core of our services consists of a (low-cost) data distribution platform which collects, fuses and distributes numerous local and remote sensor observations. The data distribution platform is integrated with navigation information systems on board vessels or information systems on offshore platforms and are connected with an onshore data repository for real-time access to various data feeds.

GMS works closely together with maritime end users to ensure that all information is presented and visualised in a smart way and in accordance with current rules and regulations. The objective is to provide the Master/Navigator with an additional aid for improved efficiency in the decision making in potentially dangerous and time-critical situations.

Standard and training development

GMS is a driving force for deriving standards for the exchange of (oceanographic) observation data in the offshore and shipping industry.

Furthermore, GMS develops competence standards, foundation courses and training courses to facilitate the use of earth observation and remote sensing data in maritime activities and operations.

Innovation and R&D

To improve and extend our services, GMS is actively involved in several innovation programmes to develop new sensor technologies, real-time sail planning systems and data fusion and distribution systems.

We are a global player in the use of satellite observations and other remote sensing data to develop services beyond state of the art — services that enhance safety, security and efficiency in the high-value maritime domain.

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