24 March 2015

IALA Developments

Change of Status Project 

In May 2013 the IALA Council gave approval to proceed with the process for the implementation of an International Agreement that would change the status of IALA from that of a non-governmental organisation (NGO) to that of an international intergovernmental organisation (IGO). This is a major step in the evolution of IALA. More information about the reasons for this change is available in this brochure (click here).

IALA national members are collaborating to develop the International Agreement and progress was reviewed by Council in December 2013.

At its General Assembly, held in A Coruna Spain in May 2014, IALA’s members passed a Resolution indicating support for the change of status.

The text of the Resolution is available here.

At its meeting in December 2014 the IALA Council established a Change of Status Working Group, which will deliver a high level action plan and finalise IALA's version of the required Convention text. The Working Group will meet at least twice a year, with the 1st meeting being held in early April 2015.

The Government of France has commenced diplomatic activities and will continue to work closely with Council and the Working Group.

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