There are four types of Membership : National, Associate, Industrial and Honorary Members.

  1. National Members
    are the authorities legally responsible for aids to navigation in their country or part of.
 (Annual fee for 2016:    Euros 14,800)
  2. Industrial Members
are manufacturers, distributors or consultants in aids to navigation.
 Applications, supported by the relevant National Members, must be made to the Secretary General who will present them to the Council.
 (Annual fee for 2016:    Euros 6,010)
  3. Associate Members
    may be ports, scientific organisations, or services responsible for aids to navigation related matters.
 (Annual fee for 2016:    Euros 2,900)
  4. Honorary Members
    may be conferred for life upon any individual who is considered by the Council to have made an important contribution to the work of IALA.
For a list of current members, please click here
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